AliExpress Promo Codes & Coupons • February 2024

$5 Discount for $35+ Orders

For all clients
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$10 Discount

Save $10 with the code when you spend $100
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$25 Off With minimum spend US$150

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$25 off Your Order

Get $25 Discount sitewide
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Get $20 Discount

$20 Discount on orders of $150
Used 536 times Expired

Get $3 Discount

$3 off Sitewide. $40 minimum spending requirement
Used 152 times Expired
100% Working

Get $50 Discount

$50 Discount on orders of $300
Used 453 times Expired

$25 Off Orders Over $150

For new customers only
Used 192 times Expired

Get $12 Discount

$12 off all Orders of $80
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$8 Off With minimum spend US$40

Used 783 times Expired

$12 off Sitewide

Get $12 Discount on your order
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Discount 20%

Get up to 20% Off with the code
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Save $4 Off sitewide

For new Customers only
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Get 1.36$ discount

Additional discount of $ 1.36 on purchases on AliExpress
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Get 30$ discount

$30 off on orders over $250
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10% off Sitewide

Get 10% Discount on all Orders
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$12 Off With minimum spend US$80

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$5 Off With minimum spend US$20

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Discount $10 for orders $75+

For all clients
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$40 Off for orders $200 & under

Fast Delivery
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Get $2 discount

Use this code when you spend $9
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Get $20 discount

Save $20 off orders over $159
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Get 10$ discount

$10 off AliExpress Wigs $50 & under
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Get 40$ discount

Гp to $40 off Wigs for $200+ Orders
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Get $15 discount

$15 off Wigs $100 & under
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Get $12 discount

Additional discount of $12 on purchases 100$+
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$30 Off for orders $200 and under

Fast Delivery
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$12 off Sitewide

Get $12 Discount on all orders of $80
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Fast Delivery for orders $20 and more

For all customers
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Save up to $15 when you spend over $100

Fast Delivery
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$10 Discount when you purchase over $50

Fast Delivery
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$6 off Your Order

Get $6 Discount on all Orders of $40
Used 114 times Expired

$8 off back-to-school orders over $50

Get $8 Off over $50 orders
Used 501 times Expired

Get $25 Discount

$25 Discount on orders of $150
Used 263 times Expired

Get $6 Discount on all orders of $20

Used 510 times Expired

Get 22$ discount

$22 off on orders over $180
Used 406 times Expired

How to use AliExpress Promo Codes

In order to use a code, it must first be picked up. Above are the actual combinations that can be used to get a discount on a specific product or a whole group of products. You can choose any promo code you like. The next step is to get the discount.

To do this, you need to use either the mobile app or the official website of the store. Both methods allow you to get a significant discount. The only difference is which one you personally feel more comfortable using the codes on. For your convenience, we will look at both methods of code activation.

  • Mobile application
  • Using the official website

You can access the official store site from any device with internet access. A standard PC will do, as well as a laptop, tablet or even phone. Although on the latter device it will be more convenient to use the application, but nobody forbids to buy through the site.

The general procedure for entering the code through the official site of the store looks as follows:

  1. Go to the official site of the store on the Internet;
  2. Authorize on it;
  3. Choose the goods you want to buy. Pay special attention to the conditions for activating the promo code. If specific products are listed in the description, you need to add exactly those to the cart, otherwise the discount will not work. This also applies to the purchase of goods for a certain amount;
  4. Add selected items to cart;
  5. Go to cart;
  6. During checkout, find the box to enter a promo code (look for it on the right side of the checkout menu);
  7. Enter the code;
  8. Click on the “Apply” button.

How to use AliExpress Promo Codes

Once you’ve entered it, a new calculation of the cost of the selected items will occur. If you’ve followed the conditions for using the combination, you’ll be fine. A new cost will appear, which will be the basis for the subsequent checkout. If this does not happen, you need to figure out what may be the cause of the error.

As a rule, the lack of changes is due to the fact that the user has not fulfilled the conditions for using the code. In addition, this can be a consequence of a failure of the site. Typos during manual input are also not excluded (so it should be avoided).

What should be considered when using promo codes

Before you use a promo code, you need to pay attention to some nuances. They will help to avoid problems when entering the problems described above. In addition, knowledge of the rules for using combinations will protect against unnecessary waste of time and nerves. Keep in mind the following recommendations:

  • Do away with manual entry. The more codes you enter manually, the more likely you are to make a mistake. Often combinations are an incoherent set of numbers and letters. It’s easy to make a mistake. It’s better to copy the code and then paste it in. Our portal makes this procedure much easier;
  • pay attention to the validity of the codes, but don’t forget about the restrictions on the number of uses. The terms are specified in the description, with the second parameter is more complicated. Limits on the number of uses are usually not specified anywhere. So a code can become inactive even if it has not yet expired;
  • Don’t forget that 1 code can be used no more than 1 time. At the same time, there is no limit to the total number of codes you can use during the month.

It’s easy to save with codes. All you need to do is remember the rules listed above. Remember that in some cases, you may need more than one code to get a discount. Have patience and you will definitely succeed.

Background Information

AliExpress operates in many countries around the world. You can order goods to almost every locality in the country. However, it is obvious that due to the large volume of sales you can always encounter certain problems. To avoid wasting time dealing with them, we recommend that you familiarize yourself in advance with the conditions of delivery and payment for the goods, the possibility of return, as well as the channels of communication.


There are many ways to deliver your product. They all vary in both cost and speed. The choice does not always depend on the buyer, in some cases sellers decide how best to ship the goods. In this case you can use the following methods:

  • Postal delivery. Can be used both Chinese postal service and the mail of other countries. Depending on the method, the price of the service, the speed of delivery and, quite often, the likelihood of damage during receipt are different;
  • Courier delivery. This method is the fastest, but you will have to pay quite a lot. In this case, the goods will be delivered directly to your home;
    pick-up. Also, in some cases, it is possible to get the goods at the point of pickup. This circumstance depends on your current place of residence.

Please note that not all goods are delivered from China. Ali also has stores from other countries. Therefore it is impossible to predict the delivery time in advance. It depends on the country of shipment and the current work of logistics services.


There are several methods of payment. The choice of the particular method depends not only on your preferences. It is not possible to pay for a product upon receipt. This is due to the nature of the site. In addition, the buyer is required to pay the entire amount of the goods at once, even before receipt.

Among the methods of payment you can choose the following:

  • Plastic card of any bank and any payment system;
  • Google Pay;
  • E-wallet payment with Yumoney, Qiwi and/or WebMoney;
  • funds transfer via mobile payment;
  • Payment via Internet-banking.

Please note that the site has its own buyer protection program. Therefore, even if you are not satisfied with the product, you will be able to get your money back.


If you are not satisfied with the delivered goods, you can get your money back. This is possible both in case of defects, and if the appearance of the order does not meet the stated. The first step is to contact the seller and try to solve the problem with him. This can be done through the functionality of the site. If this method does not help solve the problem, you can start a dispute over the order.

To get your money back through a dispute, proceed as follows:

  • Go to “Details” in the menu of your orders;
  • Select “Communicate with the Seller,” and then select “Open a Dispute;
  • If you have not received the product, choose the option “Refund only”. If you have received the product, select “Refunds and Money;
  • Fill in the opened form and send an application for consideration.

Please note that while the dispute is valid, you can still negotiate with the seller. If this does not happen, the situation will be handled by the site staff, who will make a decision.

If the return is approved, the item must be packaged in the original packaging and sent to the address listed on it. Then you need to enter special data in the form on the site.


It should be noted that most problems with the order are resolved first of all through direct contact with the seller. The site provides such an opportunity. If the seller will not get in touch (by opening a dispute) or if there are problems with the site itself, you should contact the staff of the company.

You can submit a request through the following communication channels:

  • official groups of the company on Facebook, Instagram;
  • official chat service of the company;
  • feedback system on the work of the site.

It is also recommended to read the instructions for using the site before contacting the staff. You can find them here. It is likely that you will be able to find an answer without contacting them.

AliExpress promo codes for February 2024

AliExpress was officially launched in 2010. In just 11 years, it has managed to transform from a local marketplace to one of the largest players in today’s market. Within a year, the site is visited by tens of millions of users, and its monetary turnover exceeds $3 billion.

This was made possible thanks to the huge range of products that can be found on the site. Here you can buy almost everything. Users can choose from electronics, home appliances, clothing, shoes, hats, media products, personal care products and many other product positions.

Most of the goods are characterized by democratic prices. Possible delivery of almost every country in the world. In this case, the site operates not only Chinese stores. All this allows customers of the service to buy a variety of products at bargain prices.

Make your purchase even more profitable, you can use promo codes and promotions. Promotions are held regularly, apply to a variety of stores and can be the reason for significant savings. However, promo codes are not tied to time intervals, usually giving discounts on a larger number of products and you can use them all the time.

Some codes allow you to get a discount on all of the site’s products. Others are valid only for individual products in specific stores. All of these conditions are always indicated in the code description. Use the combinations provided and you can save personal money at any time.